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All the information you need to find UK and Eire rally events. Directions to many rally stages and details of all UK motor clubs and rally championships. Compiled by rally drivers for spectators, marshals, drivers and co-drivers.
Rally spectators
Move away from the television! Get outside and see the action for real. Now there's no excuse as we let you know what's on, where and how to get there. You could even get involved.

For rally fans we give you a full years events in the rally events pages covering the UK. Find your way to the main UK rally stages with our directions.

Rally competitors
Planning is everything and your season starts here. Whether you are looking to do a championship, single or multi venue or looking for something new.

Plan your year here. We've listed all the rally events and rally championships. You can get there without any bother as you will find when you view the comprehensive rally venue guide.

Rally marshals
No marshals? No Motorsport! If it were not for you then all the teams, drivers sponsors, event organisers and spectators would be at a total loss.

Now you too can plan your year or that 'spur of the moment' decision to make use of a day off. You are appreciated more than you may know. Plan your rally events for this year.
Always ensure you check with event websites and organisers before travelling.