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CADWELL PARK is a superb spectator venue. If you've visited a major circuit and found the viewing sterile then get along to Cadwell. Safety is an important factor anywhere, but common sense allows you to decide how close to action you want to be. An excellent bike circuit due to the narrow track, it can makes cars a little more processional, although the standard of competition using Cadwell still means seeing wheel to wheel action no matter whether it's two, three or four wheels that should be in contact with the ground.

Set in Lincolnshire is easily found with good access to visitors. There are two layouts, referred to as 'Full' and 'Club'. Little is lost when the Club circuit is used as the Full incorporates a hairpin which is used instead of a similar curve on the Club.
MotorSport Vision
Cadwell Park
The Venue Office
Louth Lincolnshire
LN11 9SE
tel : 01507 343522
fax : 01507 343519
ticket hotline: 0843 453 9000
email :
Cadwell Park location

from the North
A16 which skirts Louth then the A153 South West.
from the South
From Horncastle take the A153 North towards Louth.
from the West
From Lincoln take the A158 to Wragby then A157 North.
Cadwell Park circuit

Cadwell Park Circuit Layout
CADWELL PARK - track length
Full circuit
2.173 miles
3.492 km
Club circuit
1.481 miles
2.375 km
Although Cadwell does not receive the bigger events it is none the less well worth a visit. Its hilly terrain offers many vantage points for spectators with plenty of space available at all meetings. Check out Cadwell for close to track action, although facilities are limited. The paddock is generally accessible and contains permanent toilets and cafe.

Start/finish straight on the flat before the left hander at Coppice.
There is an uncovered Grandstand at the hairpin used on the Club circuit, which is half way between Start and Coppice.

Fast left hander with drivers/riders lifting off slightly followed by steep uphill.
Outfield viewing on spectator banking, also can be viewed from Mansfield Corner and affords view of Club circuit hairpin.

A sweeping right section uphill over a brow then more incline to apex and the second part of the long curve with a blind brow and downhill.
Outfield viewing around whole corner. Good camera point as vehicles brake then accelerate. Can be seen from Mansfield and The Gooseneck corners

Slightly curved long straight to Park travelling downhill.
Views good from exit of Charlies and Mountain.

90 degree right hander where drivers clip the apex inner kerb and try to avoid large run-off area beyond.
Large run-off. Slow vehicles so fair for cameras, with good action on braking point.

Vast right hander which on track seems never-ending. Negotiated with minimal braking.
Large run-off so not excellent for viewing due to speed and distance although slowing for Gooseneck

Out of Chris Curve it's a flick right over brow and dip left with use of outfield kerb trying to align for Mansfield.
Outfield viewing fair.

Very acute left hander with service road run-off. Mansfield also includes the motorbike chicane immediately after the bend.
Outfield banking. Good viewing from hill above as vehicles try to out brake each other. Trackside poor with service roads.


Club circuit only. Very slow right hander.
Grandstand on bend, also outfield banking good to both sides as track returns on itself. Good camera location.


Sharp left flick right uphill with braking point at entry just after Club hairpin.
Banking to outfield with stand on right bend exit. Can get very busy.

Flick right then left with drivers/riders attempting to maintain speed throughout and clipping the outfield kerb.
Trees restrict view slightly, but if you get a good spot the action is there.

Sharp right over brow with no run-off for competitors. More corner than a hairpin.
Viewing very poor.

Downhill to sharp right and past lake.
There is no viewing at this corner.

Once again it needs to be said that Cadwell offers a real action feel. The outfield paddock is at Mountain where all permanent facilities are available. Club racing usually allows close-up viewing in the paddock too.

The information on this page cannot be guaranteed for accuracy and is intended as a guide only.
Please ensure you check with event websites and organisers before travelling.