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KIRKISTOWN at 1.5 miles is Northern Irelands only permanent circuit. It's basically two straights, one with a chicane and one with a gentle curve. That adds up to fast, close racing with tense late braking areas. Spectators can get close to the track in the tradition of smaller circuits.
Kirkistown Motor Sports Circuit
Rubane Road
Co Down
tel : 028 427 71325
fax : 028 427 71894
email :
Kirkistown location

Kirkistown is found between the A20 and A2 towards Portaferry
Kirkistown circuit

Kirkistown Circuit Layout
KIRKISTOWN - track length
1.53 miles
2.46 km
Northern Irelands only current race circuit designed from an old aerodrome and been in existence since the early 1950's although altered over the years. The layout may look unimpressive with what is basically two straights, but this does not show the real essence of the track. It's close racing from start to finish with plenty of 'thrills and spills' as can always be expected from any event involving Irish drivers. That fact alone is worth a visit and the friendly nature of the locals is double reason to consider a trip.

Half way along the main straight and close enough to make the first corner a really fast approach.
No covered viewing but the start is usually the only thing worth watching at this point.

Full speed 45 degree left with minimal or not braking.
Speed limits the pleasure of viewing for some, but the outfield is available to watch those who try that extra 1mph to get ahead and some don't make it.

COLONIAL 1 and 2
After the speed of Debtors it's braking hard for the double right of Colonial. A tight line is taken to allow acceleration between the close turns. Exiting Colonial drivers take a tight left using the kerbs.
Viewing is on the outfield, although the large run-off mid bend means the entry point sees all the action. It's a complex bend needing exact position which can result in a few off track excursions. Good long lens camera point.

A long right hander requiring last second braking and a good line through to build up speed for the pending straight.
Infield viewing available.

Created to slow cars on this long straight. It's tight right left with barriers to the infield.
Limited viewing

All the straight line speed need scrubbing for the oval right hander with plenty of run-off beyond.
Last corner before start/finish straight making it a late braking haven. It's good camera point with outfield viewing.

The paddock is on the outfield of the main start/finish straight with usual free access. Food is usually available on race days.

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