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Iain Duncan
professional rally coach and rally instructor
iain's page Iain Duncan is a professional Motorsport UK Level 2 coach. He can find that 10/10ths in your driving as he has done with many other drivers. He provides unique and tailored performance driver coaching to ensure you understand what you and your car are doing, giving you new confidence and skills so you can do it again and again in safety and at competition speed.
Phil Hall
professional co driver
phil's page Its My Motorsport sponsors Phil Hall for his 2017 rally year. Even though Phil will be in one major championship he will also travel the world competing on events big at National and International level. It's a great life if you have the commitment.
Getting started in motorsport here's how If you wish to get started in motor sport, whether as a marshal, driver, organiser or any of the other hundreds ways then have a look at this page.
Motor Clubs
worth a look You will need a Motorsport UK regonised club if you want to get involved more than spectating. There seems to be a club for everything which is helpful.
Items for sale
shifting our stuff
suits you sir! Occasionally we buy in, sell out, have spare bits and pieces. Hopefully we can tempt you. All vehicles can be available for inspection at one of our two locations near J27 of the M1.
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