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Motor Clubs are the lifeblood of motorsport around the world. They organise various club and national events.

  They offer-

  • social meetings and events
  • advice on being a marshal or competitor
  • club events and championships
  • area events and championships
  • national events and championships

If you wish to get involved you will need to join a motor club. You can find your local club here or visit the Motor Sports Association for the UK or Motorsport Ireland for the Irish Republic.

Motor sport does not happen without marshals. You can help and get to view the action as well. Joining a motor club is easy and inexpensive.

Being a marshal can involve looking after a section of track or stage, assisting competitors, time-keeping and a huge number of necessary and interesting tasks. Travel to an event in the UK or abroad and you'll already be part of a huge community of volunteers with a common interest.

Each club has details of how to become a marshal. You can contact them directly or visit a website such as Volunteers in Motorsport

Motor Clubs in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are affiliated to the Motorsport UK. Each club also belongs to one or more area associations. Motor Clubs in the Irish Republic are affiliated to Motorsport Ireland. Use the links below to visit our extensive motor club pages.

Governing Body
Motorsport UK - Motorsport UK
ACSMC - Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs
AEMC - Association of Eastern Motor Clubs
ANCC - Association of Northern Car Clubs
ANECCC - Association of North East & Cumbria Car Clubs
ANEMMC - Association of North East Midland Motor Clubs
ANWCC - Association of North Western Car Clubs
ASEMC - Association of South Eastern Motor Clubs
ASWMC - Association of South Western Motor Clubs
AWMMC - Association of West Midlands Motor Clubs
EMAMC - East Midlands Association of Motor Clubs
CMSG - Cotswold Motor Sport Group
SAMSC - Scottish Association of Motor Sports Clubs
WAMC - The Welsh Association of Motor Clubs
Northern Ireland
ANICC - Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs
Irish Republic
All Irish Republic Car Clubs
Isle of Man
Isle of Man
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